Franz Ferdinand Song Lyrics

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How well do you know the lyrics to songs by Franz Ferdinand?

  • 1
    Okay, Lets start with an easy one.
    Which song is this?:
    I'm just a cross hair
    I'm just a shot away from you
  • 2
    As you cry your evil eyes out
    You twist your pretty face
  • 3
    I noticed the hair on her head that's not real
    Now I'm left with a dead and a naked ordeal

  • 4
    Oh, I'm dedicated, yes, I'm a forgiver
    I'll forgive you always
  • 5
    If you have some sort of secret
    If you need someone to tell
    You can tell me because my memory always fails
  • 6
    Feel so cold as you go when you leave.

  • 7
    If he likes cocaine, he's racing you
    for organic fresh Echinacea
  • 8
    It's leather for leisure and a Velcro for sport
  • 9
    I'll build a nation for you
    A new utopia for you to live in.
  • 10
    I could have ripped page and petals
    Ripped to the blood
    But I didn't and don't

  • 11
    Eyes, burning a way through me
    Eyes, destroying so sweetly
    Now there is a fire in me
    A fire that burns

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