How much do you know about Ville Valo and HIM

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Test your knowledge about HIM and Ville Valo!

  • 1
    (This is easy) What is the name of the main band Ville is currently in?
  • 2
    What colour are Ville's entrancing eyes?
  • 3
    What is Ville's fiancé's name?

  • 4
    Name the song that the lyric is from.
    "You're love is the only thing I live for in this world. Oh how I wait for the day your heart burns. In these heavenly flames I have already scorched in, I just want you to know I'll always be waiting"
  • 5
    When is Ville Valo's birthday?
  • 6
    What were Ville's father's jobs?

  • 7
    What is Ville's Brothers name?
  • 8
    True or false! Ville smokes a lot.. But does he have asthma?
  • 9
    Put the CD's in order. (More of a HIM thing than Ville, but if you know a lot about Ville you have to know a lot about HIM)
  • 10
    Last question... This one is sort of unfair if you don't own any singles. And don't cheat by going on the internet haha. What is the 4th track on the "In Joy and Sorrow" single?

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1246 days ago
This quiz has incorrect answers. Maybe due to the date. But 2020, Ville is with Ville Valo and the agents, Ville is not engaged at this time. I was so close to getting the joy and sorrow single question right, I had to pull out the single collection after to check. That one was totally right on though.