How Well Much Do You Know BlackPink? Quiz

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This is Quiz to test How much do you know about BlackPink!

It is a kpop girl group
Test if you are A true Blink ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Who is the Maknae (Youngest member)?

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753 days ago
I will always be blink . ILOVEU Blackpink
960 days ago
My bias is jisoo. And I love jisoo very much
1000 days ago
Because of blackpink i got into kpop....Thanks to them i will never unstan both of them!!
1000 days ago
OMG i too luv BTS And Blackpink SOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooMuch!!!!I first started liking blackpink then bts
1256 days ago
My favourite has always been Jisoo I love Rose too. I LOVE ALL OF THEMMMM but jisoo is my favourite
1314 days ago
My bias is Kim Jennie. And I got pretty good results, I mean it satisfied me a lot. And tbh, I'm a Army and Blink. I mean u all kno Army is BTS fandom and Blink is Blackpink fandom. I 'm crazzzy for BTS AND BLACKPINK( But I'm not sasaeng fan) . I mean not that crazyyy by Sasaeng. It's just I love them both. Who else is AN ARMY AND BLINK BOTH?;>
1454 days ago
My bias Kim jennie
1457 days ago
my bias is also lisa i love k-pop
1461 days ago
My Bias is Jennie :}
1465 days ago
my bias is lisa
1515 days ago

1529 days ago
Dude...Jisoo also has cats...why did thet say that my answer was incorrect
1582 days ago
I mean lisa have also a solo
1582 days ago
Have not also a solo.U mean in the concert of BP she dance
1613 days ago
Girlllll my bias is Lisa toooo and Jisoo is my bias wrecker Yg give my child more lines !!!!!
1626 days ago
No rosรจ has changed her har colour the most because even in an interview the girls said rosรจ has changed her hair the most and I just checked too rosรจ had her hair changed 7 Lisa only 6 so I go 15 out of 15 you need to change that question