How Well do you know Linkin Park Lyrics?
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How Well do you know Linkin Park Lyrics?

Well, how much?! Take the test to find out NOW!

Question 1:I tried so hard ________________
Without her trust
To be the best
But couldn't see
To complete the rest
And got so far

Question 2:High voltage ________________
You can't shake the shock
In the form of hateful words
Don't ever touch, it's hot!
It's a rare delicacy
Will not stop the clock

Question 3:Watch as the room rocks, ________________
subtly, gradually
in its fame for dancing
making you lose your socks
mentally moonwalk
bump bump, drop box!

Question 4:All these words they make no sense, I find bliss ________________
in your penance
Within the trance
In ignorance
In this nonsense
In her repentance

Question 5:I'm gonna run away ________________
Without looking back
To face another trial
And never say goodbye
Against the raging winds
Don't try to stop me now

Question 6:The pace is too fast ________________
your legs will break
you just won't last
for beginners who are last
for your poor mast
to bring you up

Question 7:You like to think you're never wrong (________________)
You live what you learn
You thought you were right
You're not really that smart
You think you're all that
You have no concern

Question 8:Crawling in my skin ________________
viruses can easily spread
beauty is only skin-deep
these thoughts, they cause my fear
I heard a voice inside me
these wounds, they will not heal

Question 9:Why does it feel like night today?________________!
You've been acting strange today
The darkness swallows light today
Something here's not right today
the coldness numbs my limbs today
I tried so hard but fell today

Question 10:I have a face ________________
That I should destroy
That's eating me up
of paranoia
In the back of my head
of hyperactivity

Question 11:Sick of the tension/ ________________
Sick of your pleas
Sick of the tension
Sick of you being here
Sick of your pressure
Sick of the hunger

Question 12:Now I see your testing me ________________
Draws my in your arms
Releases my own being
Has destroyed our bond completely
Has been for only evil purposes
Pushes me away

Question 13:Why I never walked away /Why I ________________
Hurt you in this way
Played myself this way
Caused all this pain
Sacrificed my own self
Hurt the me inside

Question 14:Cause I'm one step closer to the edge And I'm about to ________________

Question 15:From the top to the bottom ________________
At the core I've forgotten
The picture is there
Bottom to top I stop
But why should I care
The memory won't escape me

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