What do you know about Linkin Park?
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What do you know about Linkin Park?

There are some easy questions, that most fans should know, and some harder ones that only a select few may know. Best of Luck!

Question 1:   How long have Brad and Mike known each other?
About a year ago.
Since junior high.

Question 2:   Complete the following lyric- Who can rap a rhyme like this?....
Step step up step up step up step up.
Bring it to you every time like this.

Question 3:   Who quit Art College after a year?

Question 4:   What is the LP Underground?
It's a group of tramps that masquerade as Linkin Park in their spare time.
You What?
It's Linkin Park's Official Fan Club

Question 5:   Complete the following lyric- and I.....
wish I hadn't flunked Art College
just wish that I hadn't started this test.
just wish that I didn't feel that there was something I missed

Question 6:   Who once quoted, 'It's about as funny as a corny sloth climbing down a manhole'?
Wouldn't have a clue!

Question 7:   Complete the following lyric- I wanna heal, I wanna feel....
closer to you.
What I thought was never real.

Question 8:   Which is the only member of the band to have an alias?

Question 9:   Which one of the following is married?
How should I know?

Question 10:   Finally, before Chester, who was the frontman of Linkin Park?
Mike Oldfield
I give up
Mark Wakefield

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