Little Mix Lyrics #December 2021

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Wanna know if you know Little Mix lyrics from their songs?

  • 1
    In which song

    Only the birds and the bees know we go, little but high, little bit low
  • 2
    Don’t let what they say keep you up at night, and if they give you shh then they can walk on by
  • 3
    My whole week my whole week is golden, can’t you see me glowing that's how I feel

  • 4
    Creeping through the door like you won’t notice
  • 5
    Remember the day when we finally found our wings? It changed our lives, gave us power to do anything
  • 6
    Ladies all across the world listen up we‘re looking for recruits

  • 7
    My baby don’t love me no more and it hurts like hell
  • 8
    And if you can’t see that its gotta change, only want the body and not the brains
  • 9
    Rub of all your words don’t give a (ugh)
    I’m over it
  • 10
    Final question 3 in one
    a)I am the diamond you left in the dust, I am the future you lost in the past
    b)stones taught me to fly, love taught me to lie, life taught me to die
    c) so come on courage teach me to be shy

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