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Are you just a fan, or are you a true stan? Test your knowledge here!

You know all the songs of Marcus & Martinus? You listening to this music all day long? This music just makes you happy? Then test yourself now if you are the true Marcus & Martinus expert!

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Marcus and Martinus test (2020)

Marcus and Martinus test (2020)


Are you a real MMer?


Marcus and Martinus

Are you true MMer?

Are you true MMer?


Marcus and Martinus test

MMer test
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952 days ago
i love very much marcus and martinus , my favourite song is dance with you .....
970 days ago
l love marcus and martinus l am mmer marcus and martinus is my live
979 days ago
I love marcus and martinus so much in fact i think i know more about them then i do my self. Also every time im sad or mad i listen to them and it makes me feel a lot better
1021 days ago
I love Marcus&Martinus and my room is all of M&M photos😍.Im sure that I can meet them one day(i hope).Can't wait to post again and I want they to know that I'm here for them.I hope they will follow me.And one thing(for all mmers).Believe in your dream.You can meet M&M trust me😉😍😍.Love Erisa from Albania❤
1047 days ago
They are both 17....(to Jenna)
1098 days ago
they need to come to america😕 i’ve been waiting forever. but i still love them❤️❤️so much. there’s no words to explain how much i love them
1141 days ago
I love Marcus and Martinus ❤️ i am huge mmer🔥
1265 days ago
Hi I know that I love you too
Work is still pretty
Marcus Dobre
1265 days ago
How old are both of them
1359 days ago
I love Mac and Tinus 💖 Their voice are Beautiful and they are so very hot
1363 days ago
i’ve loved these twins since I was little and I just can’t stand there voices🤩💖
1402 days ago
I love M&M for my live
1500 days ago
1513 days ago
1519 days ago
i love Marcus and Martinus !!