Are you really a Marilyn Manson fan?
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Are you really a Marilyn Manson fan?

So you think you've got what it takes to be the next Ginger Fish or Jonh 5?Well then,let see just how much you know about the band.........

Question 1:What is Marilyn Manson's full name?
Brian Hugh Warner
Jack Manson
Hugh Jack Monroe
Brian Jack Warner

Question 2:Who was the bands original bassist?
Twiggy Ramirez
Tim Skold
Sara Lee Lucas
Gidget Gein

Question 3:Who is the oldest member?
John 5
Madonna Wayne Gacy
Marilyn Manson
Ginger Fish

Question 4:Who was the drummer before Ginger?
Gidget Gein
Twiggy Ramirez
It was a drum machine.
Sara Lee Lucas

Question 5:What is M.W Gacy's nick name?

Question 6:What is the hometown of Ginger Fish?
Fort Lauderdale
New York
Las Vegas

Question 7:What is the name of Marilyn's cat?
Lily Black
Lily White
Princess Of Doom

Question 8:When is Marilyn's birthday?
5th January
27th September
6th June
21st February

Question 9:What did Jonathan Davis of Korn Stick up Ginger's ass?
an apple
a drum stick
a banana
his fist

Question 10:What song features the lyrics'Some children died the other day,we fed machines,and then we prayed'?
The Beautiful People
The Nobodies
Get Your Gunn
Dope Hat

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