The Ultimate Marilyn Manson Quiz
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The Ultimate Marilyn Manson Quiz

If you think you know everything about Manson and his band take this quiz and find out how much you really know.

Question 1:When is Marilyn Manson's birthday?
January 5
January 20
January 14

Question 2:Which one of Manson's ex-girlfriends did he refer to as a slut on tv?
Rose McGowan

Question 3:What did Manson do to try to get kicked out of the catholic school he went to as a teenager?
sold drugs, porn magazines, and rock records
sold candy, rock records, and magazines he made himself
wrote nasty notes about many of his peers

Question 4:What did Manson's dad do to motivate his employees before a meeting?
Showed them Manson's music videos
Showed them Manson's tour footage
Read them stories Manson got published in a magazine

Question 5:Where did Manson's band record the song "My Monkey"?
Charlie Manson's house
Manson's grandparent's basement
the Sharon Tate house

Question 6:What would Pogo(Madonna Wayne Gacy) not do on the tour footage on the God's in the Tv video?
kiss a transsexual prostitute
kiss Marilyn Manson
kiss the baby

Question 7:What did the band members use to come up with their band names?
the first names of girls and last names of serial killers
whatever names they could come up with
the first names of models and last names of serial killers

Question 8:What did Manson do when he got one of his ex-girlfriends pregnant many years ago?
made her give the baby up for adoption
denied the baby
made her get an abortion

Question 9:Who did Manson have dreams about before even meeting?
Rose McGowan
Anton LaVey
Tracie Lords

Question 10:What did Manson do with a girl that was obsessed with him whenever the band first started off?
made her a stage prop
made her a groupie
made her advertise the band

Question 11:Who is John 5 said to talk to?
anything with a vagina
anything with two legs
anything with breasts

Question 12:Finish this song lyric:"Her mouth corroded like a metal...."

Question 13:Which cd is referred to as Manson's most colorful cd?
Mechanical Animals
Portrait of an American Family
The Golden Age of Grotesque

Question 14:What did Anton LaVey make him at his church?
a reverend
an usher
a priest

Question 15:What is the first chapter of his book about?
his adventures at catholic school
how he started the band
his adventures in his grandparent's basement

Question 16:Who was Manson's idol?
his dad
Willy Wonka

Question 17:Finish this lyric:"White trash get down on your....".

Question 18:What did Manson contract from a girl he slept with?
an std
a rash

Question 19:In what order did Manson's main cds come out in.
Portrait of an American Family, Smells like Children, Holywood, GAOG
Portrait of an American Family, Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals, Holywood, GAOG
Portrait of an American Family, Mechanical Animals, Antichrist Superstar, Holywood, GAOG

Question 20:Out of which bible did Manson rip the pages out of onstage at one of his concerts?
the holy bible
the jewish bible
the mormon bible

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