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164 days ago
oh and also we are related
164 days ago
y Matty B I think we can be friends I really admire you .also you poured my heart out when I saw you singing with that girlI don't know how old you are for us to be frieands you are very special . and also can you text me my number is 325 240 844 9
693 days ago
I love ❤️ so much and hi mattyb and big fan and l love song
936 days ago
is there 20 qustion now
955 days ago
I love your videos I am your cousin
955 days ago
I love your videos I am 15 year's old I no your mom her and my mom used to go to school together I am a song writer
993 days ago
I'm excited to see what it's going to be
1001 days ago
oh my goodness MATTYB OMG OMG OMG OMG I LOVE ALL YOUR SONGS I'm lisa I'm 14 years old
1072 days ago
Matty B you are so cute I have watched every single video you got and she are so smoking hot I love you so much but I live in Australia NSW Finley
1074 days ago
I love ❤️ so much
1143 days ago
I love you MattyB you are so smoking hot