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Are you just a fan, or are you a true stan? Test your knowledge here!

You know all the songs of Melanie Martinez? You listening to this music all day long? This music just makes you happy? Then test yourself now if you are the true Melanie Martinez expert!

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Are you a Real CryBaby fan?


Quiz about our Queen Mel:3

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21 days ago
At least she is not with Oliver tree.
21 days ago
I love you all. Thank you.
21 days ago
Everyone please help Melanie. Don’t listen to her unreleased songs or else you’re not a real fan 🥺
21 days ago
And the biggest coincidence is that I’m a Scorpio
21 days ago
She is my celebrity crush
150 days ago
you seem to replace your brain with your heart.
1324 days ago
um hi, Melanie Martinez is my wife.
1893 days ago
Same i love her soo much
2035 days ago
I am a huge Melanie Martinez fan and I’ve been listening to her for 4/5 years she is amazing and I love her sooo much