How well do you know Crybaby/ Melanie Martinez's songs?

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A little quiz to see how well you know Melanie Martinez's songs most are from the cry baby album. Try your best!

  • 1
    What song has this chorus?
    'Love everything you do'?
  • 2
    Guess the song from the last line!
    'I try to make you listen but you won't, It's your way right?'?
  • 3
    How many songs are in the crybaby album?

  • 4
    'God I wish I never spoke, now I gotta wash my mouth out with _____'?
  • 5
    My friends don't walk, they run?
  • 6
    'Ee ah, ee, ah______'?

  • 7
    'No ones watching us don't give a fuck _______'?
  • 8
    'Everyone thinks that we're perfect'?
  • 9
    How many songs are in the after school ep?
  • 10
    'You're all on your own and you've lost all your friends'?

  • 11
    'Ring around the rosie'?
  • 12
    What was the first song Melanie released?

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40 days ago
I am so confused abt 6 bc it says “OJ” and none of the things are correct…