Guns N’ Roses Lyrics (Hard)

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Be ready

  • 1
    What song has these lyrics: ”Remember in this game we call life, that no one said it’s fair”?
  • 2
    ”I call the doctor, he's just another, he said I'm sick in the brain”
  • 3
    ”So now I wander through my days, trying to find my ways”

  • 4
    ”They break down the doors, and they rape my rights”
  • 5
    ”But you're such a stupid woman, and I'm such a stupid man, but love like time's got its own plans”
  • 6
    ”Got a one way ticket to your suicide, got a one way ticket, and there's no way out alive”

  • 7
    ”I'm living on a cigarette with wine, I'm never alone 'cause I've got myself”
  • 8
    ”And left so far out from the shore, oh that I can't find my way back, my way anymore”
  • 9
    ”Panties round your knees, with your ass in debris”
  • 10
    ”Lookin' for a lover in a world
    that's much too dark”

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