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A new quiz designed for fans of the greatest band in the world. Questions covering all studio albums up to 'Dance of Death', including past tour facts, shows, releases and Eddie!

  • 1
    "Now he can't even give birthday presents" Is a lyric from which Maiden song?
  • 2
    A famous early Maiden show was entitled "Beast Over _______"
  • 3
    In which year were all of the first 9 Maiden alums re-released onto special multimedia CD's?

  • 4
    The original release of the "Eddie's Archive" box set has which colour felt interior?
  • 5
    The album "Edward The Great" features a live version of "Fear Of The Dark" taken from which show?
  • 6
    When being asked to perform on a German "Top of the Pops" style show by miming and not actually playing their instruments, Maiden's response was...

  • 7
    On arrival to a show in New York City, the band were once informed that the gig was cancelled because...
  • 8
    "I am not a number, I am a ________"
  • 9
    Bruce Dickinson's real Christian name is...
  • 10
    Which Maiden song featured on "Best Of The Beast" is previously unreleased.

  • 11
    How much does Charlotte The Harlot charge?

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862 days ago
You have got number 9 wrong......Bruce's real Christian name is Paul