How much do you know about the band KISS?
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How much do you know about the band KISS?

Take this quiz to see how well you know the band.

Question 1:What year was KISS founded?

Question 2:What was the name of the band Gene and Paul were in before KISS?
Blue Oyster Cult
Wicked Lester
Led Zepplin

Question 3:What did drummer Eric Carr die of and what year did it occur?
Drug overdose, 1975
Abducted by aliens from the planet Jendell, 1993
Car accident, 1991
Cancer, 1991

Question 4:Who was the first member of KISS to leave the band?
Ace Frehley
Bruce Kulick
Eric Singer
Peter Criss

Question 5:Which band member accidentally set fire to his hair in 1973?
Paul Stanley
Ace Frehley
Gene Simmons
Eric Singer

Question 6:What's the name of the move KISS made in 1978?
Detroit Rock City
KISS meets the phantom of the park
Crazy Nights

Question 7:What year did the band release solo albums?
The never release solo albums.

Question 8:In the box set each cd has a band members face on the back. There are 5 cd's, whose face is on the 5th cd.
Eric Carr
Eric Singer
Bruce Kulick
The four original members.

Question 9:What is Ace Frehley's real name?
Ace Frehley
Ace Smith
Robert Frehley
Paul Frehley

Question 10:What are the four original characters of KISS?
The demon, the starchild, space ace, and the cat
The cat, space ace, the demon, and the fox
The demon, the starchild, space ace, and the fox
The cat, the fox, space ace, and the starchild

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