Test Your KISS Knowledge
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Test Your KISS Knowledge

You wanted the best, you got the best, now how much do you know about the best?

Question 1:   Who replaced Ace Frehley?
Mark St. John
Vinnie Vincent
Bruce Kulick

Question 2:   Which artist did NOT appear on Gene Simmons solo album?
Joe Perry
Bob Seger
Steven Tyler

Question 3:   Which guitarist has NOT appeared on any of their "Alive" albums?
Tommy Thayer
Vinnie Vincent
Ace Frehley
Bruce Kulick

Question 4:   What was the first album they did without make up?
Creatures Of The Night
Lick It Up

Question 5:   Which artist did NOT appear on "Kiss My A**" ... the Kiss tribute album?
Stevie Wonder
Garth Brooks
Lenny Kravitz

Question 6:   Who co-wrote "Forever" with Paul Stanley?
Richard Marx
Bryan Adams
John Melloncamp
Michael Bolton

Question 7:   Who has NOT been romantically linked to Gene Simmons?
Diana Ross
Shannon Tweed
Katie Segal

Question 8:   How many "Alive" albums have they done?

Question 9:   Which is not a name that Gene Simmons has used?
Chaim Witz
Gene Klein
Gene Simmons
Gene Witz

Question 10:   Who is the only one to appear on the cover of Playboy?
Gene Simmons
Paul Stanley
Peter Criss
Ace Frehley

Question 11:   Who replaced Vinnie Vincent?
Mark St. John
Bruce Kulick
Tommy Thayer
Ace Frehley

Question 12:   Who is the only member to die?
Vinnie Vincent
Mark St. John
Eric Carr

Question 13:   Which one was not a team involved in the Super Bowl when Kiss played during the opening ceremonies?
Atlanta Falcons
Green Bay Packers
Denver Broncos

Question 14:   Which rapper did Kiss appear with on an awards show for the first time in make up after they reunited?
The Notorious B.I.G.
Ice T
Ice Cube

Question 15:   On which talk show did they appear on with the Gin Blossoms to perform together?
Jay Leno
David Letterman
Conan O'Brien
Craif Kilborne
Carson Daily

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