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A quiz that's really hard about Metallica, simple enough.

  • 1
    Which riff on Kill 'Em All did Dave Mustaine take credit for?
  • 2
    Which official bassist has been the longest running in Metallica's career?
  • 3
    What object was used to produce the sound of the intro in For Whom The Bell Tolls?

  • 4
    Why was Fade To Black written?
  • 5
    Who wrote the intro to Blackened and on what instrument was it first played on?
  • 6
    Where was the first ever mention or playing of the Master Of Puppets riff where it sounded like it?

  • 7
    How was the cover of Load made?
  • 8
    Which song on Master Of Puppets does Mustaine claims he he takes credit for?
  • 9
    During a Metallica documentary, James wrote 'Metlica' on an amp, accidentally misspelling it and making jokes about he's only been in the band for xx years. What documentary was this?
  • 10
    What song was called 'Chi' before being officially named?

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1347 days ago
Question #5: Jason Newsted didn't write/compose the intro to Blackened. I read somewhere that it was Jason's idea to reverse the intro (tho I doubt that that is true).However, Jason did came up with the main riff. Which James Hetfield changed a bit.

https://www.songfacts.com/blog/inter views/jason-newsted-ex-metallica
1347 days ago
1. Question #4: Metallica's gear getting stolen inspired the song Fade to Black, but James first amp was never stolen. In the documentary Some Kind Of Monster (at 1:15:18) you can see James pointing at an amp and saying "that's the first amp I ever owned".

2) Question #9:

1. He spelled it metllica, not metlica.
2. He wrote it on the back of a light that is attached to sheet music stand, not on an amp.