The ULTIMATE Metallica Quiz *For Superfans*

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This is a quiz about Metallica. From easy questions to hard ones only superfans would know. Let's test to see how much of a fan you really are!

  • 1
    In 1981, Metallica created the most famous metal band in music history. What was the name of their first album and what year did it get released?
  • 2
    Where was "Kill em All" recorded and what month and year?
  • 3
    The first song, “Hit The Lights” was the band’s first song. Who was the original lead guitarist for this song?

  • 4
    Everybody knows the song “Seek and Destroy”. Tell me the exact length of the song.
  • 5
    Why was the album renamed to the now famous name?
  • 6
    Who was the bassist for Metallica during the “Early Years”?

  • 7
    The second album was released a year after the first album. What was it called?
  • 8
    There is a song on the album that James hated. What was that song?
  • 9
    Which song has the shortest running time on the album? How long is the song?
  • 10
    What was the album originally recorded on?

  • 11
    Who produced the album “Master of Puppets” other than Metallica?
  • 12
    What is the message behind the song “Master of Puppets”?
  • 13
    Name all four members during the “Early Years”.
  • 14
    Where did the title for the fourth album come from?
  • 15
    Which song did Lars never learn to play on the drums? Why?
  • 16
    True or false. This album was the first Metallica album to be mixed on to a Compact Disc.

  • 17
    This album has been recognized as Metallica’s cross-over point. Why was that?
  • 18
    Name the 5th song off the original CD, not the deluxe mixed CD.
  • 19
    In 1996, Metallica changed their style and music by doing what?
  • 20
    This album has been judged by fans as one of the worst albums Metallica released. What is on the cover of the album?

  • 21
    James wanted to bring another genre he liked into Metallica. What genre was that?
  • 22
    Load and Reload are double-deluxe albums. Who is the bassist on these two albums?
  • 23
    In 1998, Metallica released a cover album with many cover songs from artists they liked. What was the title for the 1995 cover album?
  • 24
    What was the title for the 1988-1991 cover album?
  • 25
    Who is the lead guitarist on this album?
  • 26
    Whose handwriting is on “The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Revisited” album?

  • 27
    Metallica performed a list of songs with another music style. It was made into an album and has been performed twice, two decades apart. What was the music style called, and what was the name of the group that performed with Metallica on the album(s)?
  • 28
    Fans all over the world argue over the best and worst Metallica albums all the time. Which album is most often blamed for being the ‘worst’ album Metallica ever released?
  • 29
    Why did Metallica release these albums if they knew fans would hate them?
  • 30
    What famous video game did Metallica help create? (It could be played on most game systems, such as Wii, Playstation, and/or Xbox.)

  • 31
    Metallica took a long break from recording music. How many years did they wait until releasing a new album in 2008?
  • 32
    How old was James when this album was released?
  • 33
    One song has been broken down into three parts on three different albums. What song is that? And what three albums is these parts on?
  • 34
    Metallica wanted to up the stages in 2013. They performed a live concert for fans, and faked a big accident that scared fans who were present. This became the first film ever made by Metallica. What was the name of that film?
  • 35
    Who is the bassist on this film?
  • 36
    Since there has been no talk or evidence of any new albums being created or recorded since 2008, fans began speculating that Metallica was dead. Until what year when they surprised fans with a heavier, louder, and more speed album?
  • 37
    Who sang the background vocals in the recording of “Dream No More”?
  • 38
    There is one song on this album that is titled as a question. Which song is that?
  • 39
    Metallica’s “Through the Never” movie has been rated like any other movie. What was the given rating and why?
  • 40
    On the 2008 album, what is hidden in the title as the title?
  • 41
    Did “St. Anger” include a DVD?
  • 42
    What is Kirk looking at in the background on the “S&M” album?
  • 43
    What brand of guitar strings do Kirk and James use?
  • 44
    Two members are holding a cigarette they are smoking on the “Garage Days” album. Which two members?
  • 45
    Every fan gets this question wrong. Who is the actual founder of Metallica? How?

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