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  • 1
    "Yesterday we shook hands, my friend, today a moonbeam lightens my path, my guardian"
  • 2
    "Drunk with the blood of your victims I do feel your pity-wanting pain"
  • 3
    "Crystal pond awaits the lorn, tonight another morn for the lonely one is born"

  • 4
    "The choirs were vast, now my dreams are left to live through you"
  • 5
    "Devil's instant my eternity, obey to kill to save yourself"
  • 6
    "Jacob's ghost for the girl in white, blindfold for the blind"

  • 7
    "Wrote for the eclipse, wrote for the virgin, died for the beauty the one in the garden"
  • 8
    "But beware the enchantment, for my eroticism is your oblivion"
  • 9
    "The oceans are as alone as I, somebody take away this gift of mine"
  • 10
    "The razors on your seducing skin, in the meadow of sinful thoughts every flower`s perfect"

  • 11
    "My song is little worth anymore, time to lay this weary pen aside"
  • 12
    "And wonder is some becoming season, will make the angel melt in shame"
  • 13
    "Wine turns to water, cmpfires freeze, loveletters burn, romance is lost, lord, let me be wrong in this pain"
  • 14
    "Seer of the master prophecy, the stellar world her betrothed"
  • 15
    "Land of eagle and wolverine, dismal are the mirrors of a wolf"
  • 16
    "Oman taivaan tänne loin, anna minun päästä pois"

  • 17
    "Enchantment has but one truth: I weep to have what I fear to lose"
  • 18
    "My home is far but the rest it lies so close, with my long lost love under the black rose"
  • 19
    "Someday, I will feed a snake, drink her venom, stay awake"
  • 20
    "I only wished to become something beautiful, through my music, through my silent devotion"

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