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Nightwish lyrics

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  • 1
    "Feeling lonely and content at the same time,
    I believe, is a rare kind of happiness"
  • 2
    "Dumb kid, living a dream
    Romantic only on paper"
  • 3
    "For a friend whoever cares
    For someone whoever dares"

  • 4
    "Heaven today is but a way
    To a place I once called home."
  • 5
    "Search for beauty, find your shore
    Try to save them all, bleed no more
    You have such oceans within
    In the end, I will always love you"
  • 6
    "Dancing with the spirit of the air
    In this ocean so open and fair
    Making love to the gods above
    On my maiden voyage so bold"

  • 7
    "Hope has shown me a scenery
    Paradise poetry
    With first snow I`ll be gone"
  • 8
    "My first cry neverending
    All life is to fear for life
    You fool, you wanderer
    You challenged the gods and lost"
  • 9
    "As you wish
    For kingdom come"
  • 10
    "The darkness around me
    Shores of a solar sea"

  • 11
    "Princess of lust
    Dignity put to dust
    A virginal sight
    Their apple to bite"
  • 12
    "Rocking chair without a dreamer,
    A wooden swing without laughter."

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