Just how black metal are you?
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Just how black metal are you?

This is just for fun, but if you're a diehard black metal freak you'll probably kill me anyway.

Question 1:Which band do you prefer?
Dimmu Borgir
Cradle of Filth
Marilyn Manson

Question 2:How's your hair?
Long and dyed black
Long and of natural colour
Uh it's not that long yet but I'm trying...
Normal, short if you're a man

Question 3:What's your favourite colour?
forest green
blood red
black and white, as in a corpse paint

Question 4:What's your favourite weapon?
weapons? I hate weapons!
a little dagger with lots of ornaments
a gun
a big stick with rusty nails in it
a huge sword

Question 5:What country do you prefer?
Whatever country Transsylvania is in...
Some invented by Tolkien
Somewhere warm and sunny

Question 6:How's a good show?
They sacrifice animals on stage and throw the pieces at the audience
They have some pig's heads and inverted crosses on stage
Loads of fire and smoke!
The band members pretends to have sex with each other
The band members cut themselves and drink the blood

Question 7:What shoes do you wear?
Converse or sneakers
Cowboy boots
Motorcycle boots
Dr Martens or similar
Something black

Question 8:What do you do on a saturday night?
Watch old vampire movies
Drink and puke
Burn some churches and kick some tombstones
Sacrifice kittens to Satan
Cut my arms open (preferably get it on tape too)

Question 9:What does your sweater/t-shirt look like?
Plain black
It's this really old greyish Mayhem t-shirt you can hardly read anymore
It's a t-shirt from this obscure romanian black metal band with the unreadable logo
It's a brand new Cradle of Filth t-shirt with a vampire nun masturbating with a crucifix, dude, it's SO cool!
Something dark with celtic patterns

Question 10:How tolerant are you?
Peace to the world! Let everyone live!
Bastards listening to Britney Spears, N'Sync and so on should die
As above, and bastards listening to Marilyn Manson, Korn, NIN and so on should die too
As above, and bastards listening to Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir should die too
As above, and bastards listening to Burzum should die too

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