Judas Priest?
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Judas Priest?

The ultimate quiz to determine whether you belong to the Legacy of the Metal Gods or not.

Question 1:   Somebody says "Its Friday night". What is your reply?
"Sweet. Who cares?"
"And the Priest is back!"
"Too bad that there's no concert tonight."
"I've somehow heard that one before..."

Question 2:   What do you think if you see a police car?
"Shit, the cops. Hope they don't find my pot!"
Nothing. I don't have any trouble with the law.
"Oh, the caught me breaking the law."
"Here it comes, the Hell Patrol!"

Question 3:   Somebody does you a favor. What do you say?
"Thank you, thank you very much, indeed."
Nothing. I'm too cool for that.
"Thank you."
"Hey, dogg, big thanx!"

Question 4:   Do you know what a Green Manalishi is?
Everybody knows that.
I don't want to know. Green Manalishis suck.
What the bloody hell are you talking about?
At least I know the song.

Question 5:   Somebody pisses you off. What do you do?
I say "One on one - bring it on!"
I don't give a damn.
I hit him in the face.
I say "Some heads are gonna roll!"

Question 6:   What song would you sing to your child to get it to sleep?
"Baby one more time"
"Dreamer Deceiver"
"Before The Dawn"
"Courtesy of the Red White & Blue"

Question 7:   You act silly, and somebody asks you "Do you know what you are!" What is your answer this time?
"I'm the Devil's Child!"
"Yes. Piss off."
I don't give an answer to crap like that.
"I know what I am, I'm Berlin!"

Question 8:   You go to a bar. You order...
.. a Coke.
...a Bourbon.
I don't go to bars. Bars are for slackers.
...a Rocka Rolla.
...a Guinness.

Question 9:   What goes through your head whenever you see a Hell's Angel?
"Live hard, ride free!"
"Are these guys still around?"
"Rock hard, ride free!"
What on earth is a Hell's Angel?

Question 10:   Rob Halford looked best with...
...his "gay biker" leather dress
...black dress clothes.
That guy never wears the right thing.
... a Super Man dress

Question 11:   Somebody says "Holy Judas, didn't you know that Rob was GAY!"
Oh. Didn't know hat one.
F***. Now I can't listen to Priest any more.
Yeah, I know. Would be kinda disturbing to think I blew a STRAIGHT man back in 1984.
So what.

Question 12:   How do you wear your hair?
Long, dyed brown, with a little blond highlight on the forehead.
Short, what else?
Kinda long, blond, combed back a little
I don't have hair. I just have a lightning bolt tattooed on my bald head.

This Quiz has been designed by Piet Schierhorn.