Slipknot, Murderdolls and Stone Sour lyrics

Think you know Slipknot and it's side projects? Think again!

Question 1:   Slipknot #1: I know faces that have disappeared in time...
All my friends have pictures made to make you cry
I've seen this and wondered what I've done to calcify
Find me wrapped in glass and slowly soaked in lime

Question 2:   Murderdolls #1: I hate your voice and I hate your face...
Life's a joke and the joke is on you
Hey you, it's true, you suck so f**k you
Exterminate you from the human race

Question 3:   Stone Sour #1: I only wanted, only wanted just to touch you...
It doesn't matter, doesn't matter if I scare you
I only wanted, only wanted someone elses skin
I couldn't bear it, couldn't bear it if you leave

Question 4:   Slipknot #2: 1, 2 look out behind you...
Peace suffocates their freedom
Bitch gonna be on all you
This'll better me, a part of me

Question 5:   Murderdolls #2: See me in the headlines...
So put your hands up and praise
I'm your God and you're my slaves
Manipulate your simple minds

Question 6:   Stone Sour #2: Haven't let you in coz I'm in you...
Must have been a bitch
Must have been a pain
Haven't let you in coz I'm in you
Take me off the innocent
Put me in your vein

Question 7:   Slipknot #3: Fix my problems with the blade..
God the worst thing happened to me today
While my eyes turn from blue to grey
But I guess I don't care anymore

Question 8:   Murderdolls #3: Everyday in every way...
I need something to give me hope
Like an automatic weapon or an eightball of Coke
I'm looking for a fix to make me feel OK

Question 9:   Stone Sour #3: You keep me hidden behind the curtain...
You feed me Orchids to give me courage
And keep me in line with disdain
An audible human display

Question 10:   Slipknot #4: Who the f**k am I to criticise your twisted state of mind...
I'm leaving you grotesque
You're leaving me suspect
Feels like a burn from which you never learn
It's cause and effect you jealous ass

Question 11:   Murderdolls #4: And all you ever meant to me was absolutely nothing...
Don’t wanna kiss you bitch
Wanna bash your head
And with this ring now I thee wed

Question 12:   Stone Sour #4: The chair is stained and I can't stay awake...
I can't keep this riddle locked inside
Seven ways to keep my secrets tied
Bring forth evidence to keep me sane

Question 13:   Slipknot #5: Tattered and torn...
Tattered and torn
That's where my soul is worn
That's when I was born

Question 14:   Murderdolls #5: Hey stupid...
Take your diaper off and put your helmet on
Don't suck your thumb
Destroy 'til there is no more
Put your helmet on, let's go to war

Question 15:   Stone Sour #5: Now I know I've disappeared...
Everything is fading on me
Someone tell me, someone tell me
I can't find my way from out of here

Question 16:   Slipknot #6: I can't remember, I don't understand...
Carry it with you 'til someone forgives you
Is it malice that makes you this way?
I laugh coz there's nothing to say

Question 17:   Murderdolls #6: My Morticia, the one for me...
My Vampira, my wicked bitch
My Lily Munster, pale as can be
My Elvira, getting so lovesick

Question 18:   Stone Sour #6: Please, wring the blood from my hands...
I don't even want you looking at me
Motherf**ker, GET INSIDE!
Don't pretend that you understand me

Question 19:   Slipknot #7: Too far gone, I'm catatonic...
Empty shell I'm running naked
All alone, lobotomized
Leaving you to criticise

Question 20:   Murderdolls #7: When there's no more room in Hell...
And the Living won't have a prayer
Coz it's the dawn of the dead
Then the dead will walk the Earth

Question 21:   Stone Sour #7: I wish I had a reason...
For this I gave up trying
One good turn deserves my dying
My flaws are open season

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