Jenna's Music trivia
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Jenna's Music trivia

Question 1:What was the name of Nick Cave's former band?
Benny & The Jets
The Bad Seeds
The Bat Mitzvah
The Birthday party

Question 2:What song is covered by The Grateful Dead, Nick Cave & Howl'in Wolf?
Casey Jones
Stagger Lee
Henry Lee
John Finn's Wife

Question 3:Which of Nick Cave's songs was on The X Files soundtrack?
Red Right Hand
Jangling Jack
Let Love In
The Weeping Song
In The Ghetto

Question 4:What is the last album Nick Cave released?
No More Shall We Part
Kicking Against The Pricks
Murder ballads
And The Ass Saw The Angel

Question 5:What song did Nick Cave play at Michael Hutchins' funeral?
Lime Tree Arbor
Black Hair
Green Eyes
Into My Arms
The Weeping Song

Question 6:Who sang on Henry Lee with Nick?
PJ Harvey
Kylie Minogue
Brett Michaels
Donna Summer
Willie Nelson

Question 7:What album is Foi Na Cruz on?
Let Love In
Your Funeral My Trial
The Good Son
From her To Eternity
Henry's Dream

Question 8:What Wim Wenders film did Nick make an appearance in?
Johnny Suede
And The Ass Saw The Angel
Mystery Train
Wings Of Desire
Down By Law

Question 9:What is Blixa Bargeld's "other" band?
The Pogues
Sisters Of Mercy
Einsturzende Neu Bauten

Question 10:What country was Nick born in?

Question 11:What book and accompanying album did Nick release?
And The Ass Saw The Angel
The Weeping Song
Kicking Against The Pricks
As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
Live Seeds

Question 12:What did Nick originally go to University for?
He never went to university

Question 13:What prestigious award did Nick decline to accept?
Mtv music award
Academy Award
Grammy Award
Billboard Award
The Nobel

Question 14:What American festival Tour did Nick partake in?
Warped Tour
Family Values Tour

Question 15:What's the name of the documentary that follows Nick on the road?
Let Love Rule
And The Ass Saw The Angel
Fish In A Barrel
The Road To God Knows Where
Wings Of Desire

Question 16:What song will you find these lyrics in? "Many a night I've laid awake, wished that I could watch her die..."
Do You Love Me?
Straight To You
The Mercy Seat
Brother My Cup is Empty

Question 17:What song will you find these lyrics in? "R is for RAPE ME and M is for MURDER ME...."
Let Love In
Do You Love Me
From Her To Eternity

Question 18:What song will you find these lyrics in? "It was The Dirty End Of Winter...."
No More Shall We Part
The Loom Of The Land
God Is In The House
Christina The Astonishing
The Curse Of Millhaven

Question 19:What song will you find these lyrics in? "There's a Devil waiting outside your door, how much longer, and he's weak with evil and broken by the world........."
I Let Love In
Henry Lee
Where The Wild Roses Grow
Jangling Jack

Question 20:What song will you find these lyrics in? "....and anyway I told the truth, and I'm not afraid to die....."
Red Right Hand
The Mercy Seat
As I Sat Sadly By Her Side
Do You Love Me
The Ship Song

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