The quote quiz
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The quote quiz

Match the song quote to the band who plays it. Rock and prog. rock only!

Question 1:   "Saw you sitting on a sunbeam, in the middle of my daydream.."
Nick Cave
Alice In Chains

Question 2:   "You are my angel, come from way above.."
Massive Attack
Nick Drake
Counting Crows

Question 3:   "I regarded the cosmos through a circle of rope.."
Porcupine Tree
Nine Inch Nails
David Bowie
Mother Love Bone

Question 4:   "There is room if you can trust, for anyone like us"
Gentle Giant
Perry Blake
Guns and Roses

Question 5:   "It's you I've waited my life to see, it's you I've searched so hard for.."
Jeff Buckley
Tim Buckley
Sigur ros`
Fiona Apple

Question 6:   "Intoxicated with the madness, I'm in love with my sadness"
Pearl Jam
Smashing Pumpking
Silver chair
Heather Nova

Question 7:   "You don't have to give up hope, and you don't have to give up dope"
Sex Pistols
The Doors

Question 8:   "And this time it's for real, so this day I make plans for us to leave.."
Pj Harvey
The Smiths

Question 9:   "Sat on my own for far too long, things could have been so different now.."
Pink Floyd

Question 10:   "And moving lips, to breath her name, I opened up my eyes"
Zita Swoon
K's Choice
The Cure

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