The REAL music test
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The REAL music test

Test your true knowledge of music.

Question 1:   How many beats does a quarter note get in 3/4 time?

Question 2:   What is the two most common time signatures in a march?
5/8 and 4/4
4/4 and 2/4
C and 4/4
7/8 and 2/2
2/4 and 6/8

Question 3:   What does a sharp and a flat sign look like?
* and @
$ and ^
# and b
# and %
> and <

Question 4:   What does a key signature tell you?
how some one writes their name
what the song is called
how many sharps you have
what sharps or flats you have to play
what your accenedtals are

Question 5:   Who was the composer/conductor who was deaf?
Johann S. Bach
Ludwig Van Beethovan
Vincent Persichettii

Question 6:   What is a cresendo?
Start soft then gradually get louder.
start loud and get even louder
start loud and get really quiet
a really big word for slow down
a quartet piece

Question 7:   What is a soli?
a retardando
abbriviation for soliando
Like a solo only with more than one player
when someone screws up
when the band gets off tempo

Question 8:   What's a fermata?
what you do to your neighbor when you are resting
a type of instrument
change in key signature
a held note that can be as long as the conductor wants
an imbalance between sections

Question 9:   What's a sousaphone?
a tuba that is used when marching, it wraps around the shoulders
no one quite knows
John Phillip Sousa's telephone
a short note
a rest that is longer than 5 measures

Question 10:   What is the difference between Jazz and Classical?
jazz is swing and classical is straight
jazz is fast and classical is slow
they are both boring
one has horns and brass and the other has strings

This Quiz has been designed by Jill.