What do you know about music?
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What do you know about music?

Let's see what songs you've heard of... and which you haven't!

Question 1:   What song did the group 'Evanescence' get big with?
My Immortal
Everybody's Fool
Bring Me to Life
That one with the dream...
The one with that guy who sang "Wake me up!"

Question 2:   With whom did Beyonce' sing 'Baby Boy' with?
Ja Rule
LL Cool J
Sean Paul
The one who sings about Annabella?

Question 3:   What year did the song 'Don't Speak' by No Doubt come out?

Question 4:   With whom did Lil Jon sing 'Get Low' with?
East Side Boys
Backstreet Boys
Ying Yang Twins

Question 5:   What do people call the white female rapper Sarai?
The next Missy Elliot
Sarai, what else would they call her?

Question 6:   Who died in a plane crash?
Left Eye
Jennifer Lopez
Britney Spears
My aunt who was related to Madonna

Question 7:   How long before the song 'I Can Only Imagine,' by MercyMe, out before it became popular?
5 days
100 years, 2 days, 12 hours, 6 minutes and 38 seconds
Um, never?
Hey! I've heard that song! It's Christian, right?
2 years

Question 8:   Who sang 'Dilemma' with Nelly?
Jennifer Lopez
Michelle Williams
Dilemma? Nelly? Okay, I'm lost!
Kelly Rowland

Question 9:   What was Simple Plan's first album called?
Simple Plan? No plan is simple!
No pads, no helmet... just balls
Simple Plan, duh
Oh! I know this one! It's.... Blink-182?
No anything... just nothing

Question 10:   Who kissed who at the 2003 VMA's?
Madonna kissed Britney
Britney Kissed Madonna
Britney kissed her mom on the cheek... oooooooo
Christina and Britney kissed
Madonna and Christina kissed

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