HARD Music Quiz!
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HARD Music Quiz!

Numbers 1-3: choose the song and artist that goes to the lyric. 4-10: just pick the right answer. People that aren't fans of rock or metal shouldn't waste their time on this. Have oodles!

Question 1:   "I want to taste you, but your lips are poisonous venom..."
HIM~Poison Girl
Alice Cooper~Poison

Question 2:   "I'm so sick, so sick of myself. Mother, say you'll pray for me. I'm so sick, so sick of myself. I'm premature in my decay...."
Born into Kaos~Nothing Wrong
AFI~ 3 1/2

Question 3:   "You-you asked me what went wrong. Me-I'll right you this last song. Please-just tell me one way we can win. One-more thing before I go. Two-the one who loves me so. Three-don't make me count to three again...."
Misfits~Die, Die, My Darling
Better Than Ezra~It Was Good
All-American Rejects~Happy Endings

Question 4:   What is King Diamond's real name?
John Rzeznik
Micheal Eros
Kim Petersen

Question 5:   Who covered the song "Tainted Love" for the Not Another Teen Movie soundtrack?
Phantom Planet
Marilyn Manson

Question 6:   Which band is from Finland?
Dimmu Borgir
Arch Enemy

Question 7:   Who are the current members of AFI?
Davey, Hunter, Matt, and Mark
Davey, Adam, Hunter, and Matt
Davey, Jade, Adam, and Hunter

Question 8:   Who sang the songs "Dizzy" and "Slavegirl"?
Cradle Of Filth
The Goo Goo Dolls

Question 9:   What band was Ricki Rockett from?
Motley Crue

Question 10:   LAST QUESTION! Who sang the song "Buzz"?
Nine Inch Nails

This Quiz has been designed by Chrissy.