2000s R&B Trivia Quiz

This is definitely not a test about the R&B your parents or grandparents used to hear on the radio! But these songs do have the OS to thank for their awesome sound. How well do you know the new R&B? Pick the correct answer to each question and see how you do!

  • 1
    Who sang "Foolish"?
    Who sang "Foolish"?
  • 2
    Who sang "Let Me Love You"?
  • 3
    Which artist's song is "Buy U A Drank"?

  • 4
    Which duo sing "Always on Time"?
  • 5
    What song is "Slow Motion" by?
  • 6
    "U Remind Me" is by _______.

  • 7
    Choose the answer that completes this lyric: “No matter what I do, all I think about is you ... ”
  • 8
    "Crazy in Love" is by _____.
  • 9
    "Ignition Remix" is by ______.
  • 10
    "We Belong Together" is by _______.

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