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Are you a singer in a band, do you play an instrument, or do you just sing along to the car radio? Well, if you do any of these, I've got the quiz for you! Put your knowledge of music to the test in this quiz and learn a thing or two along the way. Let's see how many takers we can get! My goal is over a thousand!

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    A quarter note gets how many beats in 6/8 time?
    A quarter note gets how many beats in 6/8 time?

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1368 days ago
19/20! I am KA-RAY-ZEE about music! And also a band geek. 🎶❤️🎶
1597 days ago
It was the least stressfull recital I've been to! Once again my teacher talked about my ear playing... that stuff.
1599 days ago
Good for u! How did it go?
1600 days ago
Heyyy y'all again; just had my piano recital yesterday.
1607 days ago
hello again children
1608 days ago
It's ok! Thx for taking it❤
1610 days ago
i did 7-20 that is bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1613 days ago
Well, that's good! My piano teacher told me it's harder to teach members of your family than other ppl.
1614 days ago
I thought none of my siblings would cooperate! But apparently my youngest brother has an interest in piano now, so that worked out.
1614 days ago
I tried to teach my brother how to play piano but he never cooperates.
1615 days ago
Yeah, my other two brothers might start lessons too. The youngest may start piano (I kinda started it when I taught him the right AND left hand parts for the Lego Movie 2 song "Gotham City Guys") and the other wants guitar but that wont be for a while now.
1615 days ago
It honestly doesn't make a difference, it just helps me appreciate the value of music more. It's just my mom's side of the family pretty much tho. My dad likes to sing when he's doing the dishes and stuff, but that's it for his side. And I bet it's cool to be the first musician in your family! I hope your brother can take lessons again!
1615 days ago
Wow, so you come from a musical family? That must be cool, my family has no trace of any musicians whatsoever; I'm the first one! My ten-year-old brother used to play violin but then his classes were cancelled in the place it used to be held at so now we're trying to contact his teacher.
1615 days ago
Sorry it added the comment 3 times o o p s ...
1615 days ago
That's cool! At least you got to see your crush over vacation, I get to see K on Monday, but I'm sooo not ready to go back!

So, music basically runs in my mom's side of the family. My great- grandfather played violin and his violin is now my mom's. My grandmother is a retired music teacher who gives private lessons out of her house now. My mom is a violinist but she can play any string instrument, and she can play piano. My brother is also a violinist.
When I was 2 or 3 my grandmother got a new baby grand piano and she gave my family her old one. I saw my mom playing and decided I wanted to learn. She taught me some basics, and when I was in 1st grade I performed for the class and my music teacher told me I should take private lessons, so in 2nd grade I started taking official lessons. Last year K and I were in the same class, and he plays piano too so basically we had a bond over that, and we were really competitive (there's more of a story on the "does he like me" home pg. That's part of the reason i like him.)
Now in 4th grade they offer string lessons at the school, and you can choose violin, viola, cello or bass. I chose cello because I loved the sound and I wanted to be different from my mom who was a violinist. I was really good, (I'm not trying to brag I'm just telling you what ppl have told me) and our instructor had been nagging me for years to take private lessons. Last year in 6th grade my strings teacher put together a quartet that was originally supposed to be for 8th graders but he asked me to play cello in the quartet. During the summer of 2018 I started taking lessons.
As for guitar, learning to play was part of the 7th grade curriculum so I learned how to play. After we stopped learning a few months ago, I decided I wanted to take up guitar outside of school (being the ambitious musician I am). So I'm asking for a guitar for my birthday, but I haven't seriously sat down to play in months.
1616 days ago
Oh, I'm ALWAYS ready for long stories! About N, I only really caught a glimpse of him on Thursday, and on Friday he left the building we were in to go get the car with his 20 year old brother, C. So then my parents started talking with his parents (they're friends) and I joined the convo. Then they were all talking about thier children (enter N) so I did learn a lot more about them, even though, as friends, I already knew a TON.
1616 days ago
I will tell you why I play the instruments I do if you're ready for a looonnggg story.
1616 days ago
Ok cool, what happened? I miss K but going to school on monday is gonna be TORTURE!!!!
And about ear playing, I can sorta do it, like I figured out the beginning to Star Wars and Hedwig's Theme but I do better with music.
1616 days ago
1616 days ago
Cool, you play three different instruments? Yeah I only play piano because in 2nd grade when I just started showing talent in ear playing (I learned how to play the Star Wars theme) my Uncle kind of made me do lessons, so, here I am now!