How well do you know the lyrics of Sheryl Crow?
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How well do you know the lyrics of Sheryl Crow?

So you say you like Sheryl Crow, but do you know her songs as well as you think you do? Match the lyrics with the song they come from.

Question 1:"Downstairs it's quiet. Less alive, somehow. Somehow he was everything I am now."
crash and burn
leaving las vegas
we do what we can

Question 2:"In the morning you wait for the sun and secretly hope it won't come, but time washes everyone clean. Honey, now, don't bail on me."
ordinary morning
what I can do for you

Question 3:"I'd like to see the Riviera and slow dance underneath the stars. I'd like to see the sun come up in a stranger's arms."
diamond road
run, baby, run

Question 4:"These are the days of empty kitchens, the rise and fall of Mary Ellen's hairdo. I think she’s found a new religion, studying the Kabalah in her J Crew."
only love
members only
steve mcqueen

Question 5:"The photo chick made to look sickly is standing in her panties in the shower. She plays the guitar in the bathroom while the police dust her mother's plastic flowers. And schoolboy John's in jail, making a killing through the U.S. mail."
there goes the neighborhood
lucky kid

Question 6:"Just like before, there's a black dog that scratches my door. He's been growling my name and saying you better get to running."
it don't hurt
can't cry anymore
weather channel

Question 7:"Open the door and show me your face tonight. I know it's true no one heals me like you and you hold the key."
oh marie
hole in my pocket
I shall believe

Question 8:"Oh ballbreaking moon and ridiculing stars the older I get, the closer you are. Don't you have somewhere that you need to be, instead of hanging here making a fool of me."
the difficult kind
sweet rosalyn

Question 9:"I've wept for those who suffer long, but how I weep for those who've gone into rooms of grief and questioned wrong, but keep on killing."
no one said it would be easy
redemption day
c'mon, c'mon

Question 10:"Three days in Rome, where do we go? I'll always remember three days in Rome."
it's only love
the book

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