Country Music Lyrics

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Guess the Country song by the lyrics

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    "It ain't a rebel flag you bought at the mall, it's a hide away bed in an old horse stall; two kids gettin' caught, stealin' a Boone's farm kiss."
  • 2
    "Preacher's daughter, couldn't get hotter, floating that river on an inner tube with her, spash. Ha, ha. 35's and a lift kit how stuck can you get? Ain't that just my luck, where's a chain i'm stuck"
  • 3
    "Well you can see the neighbors butt crack nailing on his shingles. And his women's smokin' Pall Mall's, watchin' Laura Ingles. And Granny's gettin' lit, she's headin' out to bingo."

  • 4
    "We ain't gotta worry, 'bout gettin' dirty, we can do whatever we want. Baby, put your Luccheses on, you know you want to."
  • 5
    "I'll always be a fan of ol' stray dogs and guitars playin', one room churches, back road walks and front porch swingin'. Sunset skies, bonfire nights, I love the simple things, that's how i'll always be."
  • 6
    "Tick tock i'm on the clock and i'm feeling like this job's just 9 to 5-ing my life away. It's like i'm back in school and i'm int he last class and i'm passing time until the bell rang, Having visions of summertime, but wait a minute, this is later tonight."

  • 7
    "Well it's, turnin' to face the Stars and Stripes, it's fightin' back them butterflies, it's call it in the air alright, yes sir, we want the ball. And it's knockin' heads and talkin' trash, it's swingin' mud and dirt and grass it's I got your number, I got your back, when you back's against the wall."
  • 8
    "But if I told you I love you would it make you wanna stay, I'm sorry for the way I hurt you and makin' you walk away"
  • 9
    "I'm a real bad liar, i'm a burnt toast kinda guyer, if I try to build a fire, i'll burn the woods. I ain't a mover or a shaker can't keep up with the pacer, never met a dance floor, that ever did me any good."
  • 10
    "There's something 'bout yesterday, how fast it all flies away, I don't know what it is about a goodbye kiss that makes you wanna stay. We were crazy, then we were over. We were breaking up making love a run-away roller coaster."

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