Guess the Song Lyrics!

How well do you know some of my favorite songs? For each question, just read the lyric(s) given and then choose the artist who sang it/them below. Pretty easy, right? How many can you get correct out of these 10? Take this quiz and find out!

  • 1
    She was all bad-bad nevertheless/
    Calling it quits now
    She was all bad-bad nevertheless/ Calling it quits now
  • 2
    Lately, I've been, I've been thinking....
  • 3
    Got a feeling that I'm going under....

  • 4
    ...That I know you can't afford/
    Bite that tattoo on your shoulder
  • 5
    Crashing, hit a wall/
    Right now I need a miracle
  • 6
    I've been running in the mountains.....

  • 7
    Take me through the night....
  • 8
    You say you love me....
  • 9
    You're a world away/
    Somewhere in the crowd
  • 10
    ...But we don't listen....

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112 days ago
181 days ago
10/10 👌 ok it said it had to be longer so here it is ahhhhh ok.. hsgshkeknsgsjskskhsvsgshsjjjs there 👌
405 days ago
I got 8 right considering I don't listen to these songs only hip hop. So i'm proud
488 days ago
We got 10/10 mother turtle$$$$$$!!!1
673 days ago
9/10!! Yass!!!!! 😉😉
707 days ago
717 days ago
Yea, 5 isn't bad. btw, I'm the creator of this quiz.
722 days ago
5 ok not bad! I guess?😉😉
Xoxo Gossip Girl
724 days ago