The Lyrics Test
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The Lyrics Test

See how well you can match up lyrics to the song they go to.

Question 1:'Jump up, get down when we're rockin' your town. Time is flying by, it's summertime. Kick back, relax, enjoy the show, Just remember one thing...'
'I Sing Like A Girl' by Sloppy Meat Eaters
'I'm Alright' by Jars of Clay
'We Are Tomorrow' by Bleach
'We're Not From the Ghetto' by Locale A.M.

Question 2:'Go your own way, I'll be with you. Make mistakes and I'll forgive. Home is waiting here for you when you return.'
'Wearing Thin' by Further Seems Forever
'The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most' by Dashboard Confessional
'Picture Perfect' by Halfway to Nowhere
'Watermelon Gum' by Only On Tuesdays

Question 3:'You take away if I give in. My life, my pride is broken.'
'My December' by Linkin Park
'Crawling' by Linkin Park
'Points of Authority' by Linkin Park
'In the End' by Linkin Park

Question 4:'Kryptonite can't slow him down. Nothing can at all. He's always there for you, He'll pick you up if you should fall.'
'Superman' by the Locals
'Kryptonite' by Three Doors Down
'Original Superman' by Pillar
'Godman' by Cadet
'Superman' by Luna Halo

Question 5:'Palms trees and freeways, the paint is dripping everywhere. And Montecito driveways highlight your auburn hair.'
'Skalifornia' by Nifty Tom Fifty
'Yo Tengo' by Silage
'I'm OK, You're OK' by MxPx
'One Girl Army' by Five Iron Frenzy

Question 6:'Why ya always seem to got beef like ground chuck? We used to be cool but I guess I'm outta luck. Would ya mind takin' the knife outta my back? It got stuck.'
'Need Someone' by Parkway
'My Friend (So Long)' by dc Talk
'Asher's Song' by Monthly Promo
'She Don't Know' by Grammatrain

Question 7:'I feel better better, move to ten items or less. Should I let her let her let me in front of her sure I guess. I'm close to check out, she asks...'
'What's This Life For?' by Creed
'How Do I Deal?' by Jennifer Love Hewitt
'What Have You Been Doing Lately?' by Relient K
'Are You The Walrus?' by Furthermore

Question 8:'Do you remember where we all came from? Do you remember what it's all about?'
'Five-O Grind' by Slick Shoes
'The Bradley' by Further Seems Forever
'Handbook for the Sellout' by Five Iron Frenzy
'Rudy' by Ace Troubleshooter

Question 9:'I never thought it'd last this long and now I think it's time that we move on.'
'Outta Control' by Sloppy Meat Eaters
'Before I Blow' by Fono
'Chain Me Free' by the Locals
'Teenie Bopper Magazine' by Last Kid Picked

Question 10:'Dance your cares away. Worries for another day. Let the music play.'
'After the Music Fades' by Shaun Groves
'Are You Ready?' by Johnny Come Lately
'Marshmellow Field' by Kings X
'Fraggle Rawk' by Allister

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