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If you’re as addicted to 36 questions as I am, boy do I have the quiz for you! This is a more difficult quiz than most would be, but fun anyway.

  • 1
    Where does Judith say she left her charger at the beginning of the musical?
  • 2
    What kind of chocolate bar does Jase purchase at the motel?
  • 3
    Where does Judith admit she lost her virginity?

  • 4
    Which restaurant do Jase and Judith go to read out Jase’s answers?
  • 5
    What beverage does Jase’s son Cooper ask him for in the restaurant?
  • 6
    Constituting a perfect day for Jase, everyone gets under a big blanket and watches the entire third season of what show?

  • 7
    What location does Jase decide to kiss Judith?
  • 8
    In the question, “If you were able to retain either the mind or body of a 30 year old for the last 60 years of your life, which would you want?”. Who had which answer?
  • 9
    What was Jase’s friend’s dog’s name?
  • 10
    What was the dog’s breed?

  • 11
    Where did Judith drown and practically die?
  • 12
    Where was she living at the time of her almost death?
  • 13
    What is Henry the duck’s favourite cereal?
  • 14
    Finish the lyric (1/3) “We never rented a house in ____”
  • 15
    Finish the lyric (2/3) “We didn’t see ____ the day she died.”
  • 16
    Finish the lyric (3/3). “We haven’t been __ __ ___ in some years now, so we don’t care what you found inside.”

  • 17
    What was number six on Jase’s “One Thing” list?
  • 18
    In what state was Judith Ford born?
  • 19
    In what city was she born?
  • 20
    What show was Jase convinced he heard in the motel?

  • 21
    Judith reveals she had won two episodes of a game show, what was it?
  • 22
    Judith mentions a poster in Jase’s childhood bedroom. What was it of?
  • 23
    How many questions did Judith answer on Jase’s porch without him?
  • 24
    What generation was the iPhone that Judith had?
  • 25
    What day does Judith decide on meeting Jase in the third act?
  • 26
    At what time do they meet?

  • 27
    What famous board game are Jase and Judith both super good at?
  • 28
    Which of the following is not a similarity stated between Judith and Natalie?
  • 29
    What clothing item does Jase lose on the beach?
  • 30
    During “We Both”, what kind of shirt is Jase remembering of Judith’s?

  • 31
    Which of the following does Jase not ruin in the first act?
  • 32
    What kind of bugs were bothering Judith in act one?
  • 33
    What item of identification does Judith have after they burn Natalie Cook?
  • 34
    How is Jase’s middle name spelled?
  • 35
    What sports team does Judith have on the jersey she borrowed from Jase?
  • 36
    Finally, what is the first of the 36 questions?

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65 days ago
What's this? I don't think many people have watched this or whatever.