Wicked: Questions from the book and musical

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Yeah, I'm a Wicked fan. So, I decided to make the ultimate test, and here it is! Please, enjoy, and don't forget to defy gravity before you leave!

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    Let's start with an easy one: In the book version, what is Frex's job?(Frex is Elphaba's father)
  • 2
    In the play, Nessarose is in a wheelchair. In the book, she is crippled by her...
  • 3
    In the musical, which character sings "Popular"?

  • 4
    In the book, we know of one definite child fathered by Frex. Which one was this?
  • 5
    In the musical, Dr. Dillamound is turned into a goat. What becomes of him in the book?
  • 6
    Do we ever find out if Fiyero is truly dead in the book?

  • 7
    Does Elphaba really die in the musical?
  • 8
    What event in the book prompts Galinda to change her name to Glinda?
  • 9
    Which of the following nicknames were actually Elphaba's?(Note: Each answer contains three names)
  • 10
    Last, easy question(if you've read the book): What is the name of the Quadling glassblower who becomes Elphaba's first real friend?

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