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How well do you know Wicked? Test yourself to find out!

  • 1
    Easy one: who is Wicked mainly about?
  • 2
    Who wrote the original book?
  • 3
    Who played Elphaba originally?

  • 4
    Who wrote the script for Wicked?
  • 5
    What's the next lyric: Like a comet pulled from orbit...?
  • 6
    What did Elphaba's mom drink before she was born?

  • 7
    What is Elphaba's sister's name?
  • 8
    Who asks Nessa to the dance?
  • 9
    What song immediately follows I'm Not That Girl (Reprise)?
  • 10
    Last one!: What happens right before Defying Gravity?

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2727 days ago
On Question 3: The Correct answer is Stephanie J. Block She was the "Original" Elphaba, Idina was the OBC elphie but not for the Pre-Broadway try outs