A Quiz About Wicked Because I'm Bored

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I am already becoming entertained...

  • 1
    Who was Galinda/Glinda in the original musical?
  • 2
    Finish this lyric.
    "I need help believing...
  • 3
    This will have mostly lyrics. I made mistakes in some of my other quizzes on lyrics, just to let you know: O
    What lyric is before "grovel in ambition just to feed your own ambition?"

  • 4
    ..."When all your dreams come true"
  • 5
    Which is NOT a made-up word in the musical?
  • 6
    Which sing is the ONLY one that Elphaba sings completely solo?

  • 7
    Which is NOT in the song, "No Good Deed?"
  • 8
    Who took over the role of Elphaba after Idina Menzel?
  • 9
    Finish the lyric!
    "And if I'm flying solo..."
  • 10
    Fill in the blanks!
    "When I see _______ creatures with _________ features

  • 11
    What song comes after "Popular?"
  • 12
    Soooooo maaaany quuueeestiioooonssss
    What is the second-shortest song?
  • 13
    Which made-up word does Galinda/Glinda say?
  • 14
    Which does she NOT say?
  • 15
    Only five more!
    Who is not in "Dancing Through Life?" (Of these people)
  • 16
    Who is in "The Wizard And I" besides Elphaba?

  • 17
    Finish the lyric!
    "The good man..."
  • 18
    ALMOST DONE! Again.
    "You've got me seeing..."
  • 19
    What song did the lyric from the last question come from?
  • 20
    Which song did I NOT make a question about?

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666 days ago
In question #8 you ask “Who took over the role of Elphaba after Idina Menzel?” and the answer is Shoshana Bean who took over the role in 2005 when Idina left. Stephanie J. Block was Elphaba on tour and the standby while Idina was on, but she did not take over the role after Idina because she wanted to do her own version of the role in a new setting.

In question #14 you ask “Which does she (Glinda) NOT say?” and this question has two answers which is very confusifying. “Braverism” is said by Madame Moribill and “Congratulotions” is said by the ensemble and not by Glinda.

In question #15 you ask “Who is not in ‘Dancing Through Life?’” and all of the people listed: Glinda, Fiyero, Nessarose, and Elphaba are in the song.

In question #20 you ask “Which song did I NOT make a question about?” and you said the answer is “Thank Goodness.” If you head over to question #4 “Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true” is a lyric in “Thank Goodness.”

If you are going to make a quiz hard, at least make it factual.
964 days ago
Also I think I made a mistake in question 15. Sorry!
1322 days ago
It's a musical
1323 days ago
I have absolutely no idea! I don’t know what this is!
1323 days ago
Please, tell your answers! And no hate comments, please)