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  • 1
    What is the whispering on "To the End"?
    What is the whispering on "To the End"?
  • 2
    Who said "I'm like a jacket slut"?
  • 3
    What's the plural of "Moose" for Gerard?

  • 4
    Who thinks he looks like Darth Vader in a jacket?
  • 5
    What was the song when Frerard fight happened and which tour was it?
  • 6
    Complete quote... "Better stay on that side of the street, motherfucker!...

  • 7
    Who married who?
  • 8
    What's MCRX?
    What's MCRX?
  • 9
    What International My Chemical Romance Day is for?
  • 10
    Who said "I'm kind of what you'd call a failed starving artist" in a magazine?

  • 11
    Complete lyrics of Bob's solo "Gerard, oh Gerard..."  (it's not real just sarcastic)
  • 12
    When Frank was asked to join My Chemical Romance?
  • 13
    What Ray wrote on paper with yellow crayon in "I'm Not Okay"?
  • 14
    Which is the full name of Gerard and Mikey's grandmother?
  • 15
    "I'd rather be a creature of the night than...
  • 16
    Who said "Passion keeps you passionate"?

  • 17
    Which isn't a name of Frank's guitars?
  • 18
    Complete lyrics "But does anyone notice...
  • 19
    Complete lyrics "We hold in our hearts...
  • 20
    Complete lyrics "You play the ring...

  • 21
    Complete lyrics "We salute you in...
  • 22
    Complete lyrics "I hear you've been...
  • 23
    Complete lyrics "Saints protect her now...
  • 24
    Complete lyrics "He calls the mansion not a house but a...
  • 25
    Complete lyrics "Love is the red rose on your...
  • 26
    What is the alternative name of "Our Lady of Sorrows"?

  • 27
    What's the name of the little girl in "Na Na Na" and "Sing"?
  • 28
    How many "Na"s are there in the title of Na Na Na (in brackets)?
  • 29
    "This Song Is a Curse" is soundtrack of...?
  • 30
    What was the name of Gerard's girlfriend in high school?

  • 31
    Gerard's dream car was a/an...
  • 32
    Gerard was in the same school with...?
  • 33
    Did Frank work in McDonald's?
  • 34
    What is Frank's favourite food?
  • 35
    What's the name of Frank's clothing brand?
  • 36
    (LAST ONE -finally-)  "Demolition Lovers" is written for...?

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2684 days ago
On question 32 it said that Gerard and Billie Joe Armstrong went to the same school. I don't think this is accurate, seeing as though Billie Joe grew up in California and dropped out of high school (in California), whereas Gerard grew up and went to school in New Jersey, then graduated at SVA. It doesn't seem likely that their paths would meet at all. Overall, though, this is a pretty good quiz!