Lines From Nickelback Songs

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This quiz is all about Nickelback. I'll write lines from a bunch of songs and you say what song they're from.

  • 1
    Crowds that scream at superstars where bouncers show their battle scars.
  • 2
    And now I've found a little friend.
  • 3
    Should show you the sights 'cause I'm sure that I said that I would.

  • 4
    Two men started walking, started talking about better days.
  • 5
    How the hell did we wind up like this?
  • 6
    Yes, he wore a cowboy hat; each bone broken in his back.

  • 7
    Here I am, here I am, here I stand.
  • 8
    Brother, tell me something, if I take this, am I going to die?
  • 9
    Cherry stem in her mouth, she can tie in a knot.
  • 10
    He's drunk again, it's time to fight.

  • 11
    I touch your hand, touch your face; I think the fruit is rotten.
  • 12
    Saw it on a silver screen, preacher says don't know what it means.
  • 13
    No, I don't guess, I don't sacrifice and I know I don't realize just how much I can idolize.
  • 14
    It's not worth it for me; gets harder every time I call you.
  • 15
    Too late, it seems like my dreams are starting to die.
  • 16
    I need; I don't ask much anymore. Yeah.

  • 17
    The only reason that you made it this far is 'cause ya never ask him much but you never really tried.
  • 18
    Why don't you free me?
  • 19
    All day long, who will be the big man given some?
  • 20
    And now I know why I hide my love from you some day.

  • 21
    Father's hands are lined with guilt for tearing us apart.
  • 22
    Could I pay you not to?
  • 23
    Have I gone all too far? Have I been here before?
  • 24
    I don't want to stay; I don't want to leave.
  • 25
    And I want to rip his heart out just for hurting you.

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