Ultimate Nirvana Music Video Test
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Ultimate Nirvana Music Video Test

Well well well, so you think your a Nirvana fan? You think you know stuff about their music videos? Well then take this to find out...

Question 1:In the Smells Like Teen Spirit video, what are the chearleaders wearing?
Red uniforms with Black anarchy symbols
Black uniforms with a Red "N" on it
Red uniforms with a Black "N" on it
Black uniforms with Red anarchy symbols
Black Bikinis

Question 2:In the Smells Like Teen Spirit video, what does Daves bass drum say?

Question 3:What is behind the band throughout the Smells Like Teen Spirit video?
Nirvana Banner
Anarchy Banner
Basketball Hoop
Just A Wall
Nevermind Banner

Question 4:In the Heart Shaped Box music video, what color is the little girl's hair?
She doesn't have hair

Question 5:In the Heart Shaped Box video, what is so strange about the fat lady?
She is transparent
She has no clothes on
She is green
She has no skin
She is in a wheelchair

Question 6:In the Heart Shaped Box video, what color are Krist's pants?

Question 7:In the Heart Shaped Box video, what happens to the little girl's hat when it falls into the puddle?
It turns black
It gets wet
It sinks to the bottom
It starts to burn
It melts

Question 8:What is the In Bloom video's theme?
A 70's Disco Party
A 50's Style TV Show
A High School Concert
A Desert Wasteland
A Fantasyland

Question 9:What happens in the In Bloom video at the end?
People take off their clothes
Everyone does the Hokey Pokey
People jump on stage and play the instruments
Kurt impales himself with his guitar
The army comes and blows everyone up

Question 10:What is the scariest thing about the In Bloom video?
The man pronouncing Nirvana wrong
A rubber duckie on the floor
Kurts hair is parted and he's wearing dork-glasses
Hitler in the crowd
A KKK member in the crowd

This Quiz has been designed by Jordan Neff.