What do you know about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?
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What do you know about Kurt Cobain and Nirvana?

Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of the most influential band of the 90's...How much do you know. I'll try not to bore you with pointless dates.

Question 1:   What was Kurt Cobain's middle name?

Question 2:   What was Kurt's daughter's name?
Suzanne Margarat Cobain
Shirley Grape Cobain
Frances Bean Cobain
Michelle Love Cobain

Question 3:   Where did Kurt Cobain's daughter get her name from?
Frances Farmer
Frances from The Vaselines
Courtney Love's Grandma's name

Question 4:   Which of these bands did Kurt Cobain like?
Butthole Surfers
The Melvins
The Meat Puppets
The Melvins
All of these

Question 5:   What were the other members of Nirvana?
Curt Kirkwood, Pat Smear, and later Dave Grohl
Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder, and later Krist Novoselic
Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl, and later Pat Smear
Courtney Love, Sid Vicious, and later Tad Doyle

Question 6:   What did Kurt Cobain think of homosexual's?
He wanted them all dead
He was one
He respected them
He didn't hate them, but he would never talk to them

Question 7:   What was the name of Courtney Love's (Kurt's wife) band?
Babes In Toyland
She wasn't in a band

Question 8:   What did Kurt think of his ever popular song, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'?
He hated it so much that he made his record label take it off of Nevermind.
He absolutely loved it and wanted all of the songs to sound more like it.
He liked the song, but he was sick of the requests for it, and he was sick of playing it.

Question 9:   Which one is a Nirvana album?
Live Through This
Ok Computer
Automatic For The People
Electric Larryland
None of these

Question 10:   Why did Kurt Cobain kill himself?
Sick of being in a band
All of these
Extreme Stomach Pain
Problems with Courtney

Question 11:   What were Kurt Cobain's BIGGEST loves in life?
His guitar and amp.
His cigarettes and heroin.
His poems, lyrics, artwork.
His wife and daughter.
His bandmates.

Question 12:   Here's a freebie. What music is Kurt Cobain and Nirvana credited for creating?
Heavy Metal
Rapolka (Mix of rap and polka)

Question 13:   What did Kurt think of Guns 'N Roses?
He really really loved them.
He thought they were okay, but wouldn't but to their concerts.
He though they were sexist pigs who wrote crappy music.

Question 14:   Everyone knows Kurt Cobain killed himself. How did he do it?
Purposely O.D.ed on Heroin
Shot himself in the head.
Slit his wrists
Hung himself
Jumped off his old high school roof.

Question 15:   Let's end with another freebie. Name one Nirvana song.
Rape Me
Doll Parts
Stairway to Heaven
Imitation of Life

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