Are you POISONous?
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Are you POISONous?

Just how much do you know about the glam slam Kings of Noise, Poison??

Question 1:When is lead singer, Bret Micheal's birthday?
November 2
May 22
August 8
March 15

Question 2:Who replaced lead guitarist, C.C. Deville on the album Native Tongue?
Thomas McRocklin
Warren DeMartini
Blues Saraceno
Ritchie Kotzen

Question 3:Which member of the band has diabetes?
Bret Michaels
Bobby Dall
C.C. Deville
Rikki Rockett

Question 4:What was the Poison's original name when they first formed?
Toxic Waste

Question 5:While others came close, which song was the only #1 hit for Poison?
Something To Believe In
Fallen Angel
Every Rose Has It's Thorn
I Won't Forget You

Question 6:Which member's parents were featured in the video for Talk Dirty To Me?
Bret Michaels'
Rikki Rockett's
Bobby Dall's
C.C. Deville's

Question 7:Which member recently underwent surgery on his back?
Rikki Rockett
Bret Michaels
C.C. Deville
Bobby Dall

Question 8:What is Bret's real last name?

Question 9:In which month does Bobby's birthday fall on?

Question 10:Which member is an avid skateboarder?
Bobby Dall
C.C. Deville
Bret Micheals
Rikki Rockett

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