Sheryl Crow
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Sheryl Crow

How much do you really know about Sheryl Crow?? Are you just someone who likes her music or the ultimate fan?

Question 1:When was Sheryl born?
June 21, 1985
Feb. 11, 1962
March 31, 1961
September 29, 1962
August 9, 1961

Question 2:Where was Sheryl born?
Kennett, Missouri
Los Angeles, California
Louisville, Kentucky
St. Louis, Missouri
Nashville, Tennessee

Question 3:How many times has Sheryl's two front teeth been knocked out?

Question 4:What was the first song released off the Tuesday Night Music Club album?
All I Wanna Do
Can't Cry Anymore
Leaving Las Vegas
Strong Enough
Run Baby Run

Question 5:How many Grammies has Sheryl won?

Question 6:What album was banned from being sold at Walmart?
Sheryl Crow
Tuesday Night Music Club
The Globe Sessions
C'Mon C'Mon
None of her albums were banned

Question 7:What was the first hit?
Leaving Las Vegas
All I Wanna Do
A Change Would Do You Good
Anything But Down
Soak Up The Sun

Question 8:Who did Sheryl produce an album for?
Wynonna Judd
Dixie Chicks
Eric Clapton
Melissa Etheridge
Stevie Nicks

Question 9:What are the names of all of Sheryl's band members?
Peter, Mike, Tim, Jim, Matt, Lorenza
Scout, Peter, Eric, Nancy, Dave, John
Mike, Meredith, Scott, Owen, Dale, Rick
Drew, Ron, Tim, Ann, Bruce, Steve
Zoe, Jim, Regis, Al, Robert, Ed

Question 10:Why didn't Sheryl release her very first album?
She didn't like it
She doesn't have an unreleased album
She didn't feel that she could go on stage and play with out other sound equipment running
She never completely finished it
The record company didn't like it

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