The Ultimate Travis Quiz
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The Ultimate Travis Quiz

The DEFINITIVE quiz for the lovers of the wee Scottish lads who brought us musical genius...

Question 1:How did the band come across their name?
It was taken from the name of a character in a film
It was taken from the first club they ever played at
It was taken from a list of baby names
It was taken from the film Paris Texas

Question 2:Name all the members of Travis.
Fran Healy, Neil Punrose, Dougie Payne, Andy Dunthrop
Fran Healer, Neil Primrose, Dougie Pain, Andy Dunlop
Fran Healy, Neil Primrose, Dougie Pain, Andy Dunlop
Fran Healy, Neil Primrose, Dougie Payne, Andy Dunlop

Question 3:What was the guys' local chinese in Glasgow?
King Wong's
King Phut's Chinese
King Chung-Pow Take-Out
King Tut's Wah-wah Hut

Question 4:What was Fran doing when he thought of the song "Driftwood"?
Sitting in the park
Doing the washing-up
Writing a song
Eating dinner

Question 5:What is the name of Travis' first album?
Bad Feeling
Bad Feelings
Good Feelings
Good Feeling

Question 6:What was "All I Wanna Do Is Rock" originally titled?
"All I Wanna Do Is Rock You"
"All I Wanna Be Is With You"
"All I Wanna Do Is F***"
"You Rock My World"

Question 7:Which singer originally sung the song "River", covered by Travis on the single of Turn?
John Marshall
John Matthews
Joni Maye
Joni Mitchell

Question 8:Who is Fran engaged to?
Nigel Kryst
Natalie Kryst
Laura Kryst
Nora Kryst

Question 9:Why did they call their last album "The Invisible Band"?
Fran said that the best band would be an invisible band
Fran said that somedays he feels as though he is invisible
Travis stole it off of MY poem, "the invisible girl"
Is there a real reason???

Question 10:WHO is the best band in the entire world, ever, ever, ever, EVER??????.........
Linkin Park
The Calling

This Quiz has been designed by Lawie.