The Major Nick Cave Test
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The Major Nick Cave Test

Test if you are truly a fan of one of the best artists of the last (and this) century. If you are a true fan, please write me a mail. I`ll write back. "...and the bells in the chapel go jingel - jangel..."

Question 1:Where is Nick Cave born?
England (anywhere)
England (Manchester)
Australia (Anywhere)
Australia (Dunkirk)
Australia (Warracknabeal)

Question 2:His newest record? (as of 10/25.02)
Murder Ballads
No more shall we part
From her to eternity
Let us all grieve
God Bless America

Question 3:What was the name of Nick Cave`s first band?
The Boys Next Door
The Birthdayparty
Morbid Morphine Addicts
DDHFC (Diablo`s Die Hard Fan Club)

Question 4:The Boys Next Door`s only real recording was called:
Door of PleasurePain
Door Door
Knocking on all the Doors
Lets all close the doors to society
Vote the Door Party!!!

Question 5:His next band was The Birtdayparty, Which of these was a member?
Mattias Bizzozero
Tracy Pew
Jack Michells
Peter Gabriel
Peter Montrue

Question 6:Which is a Birthdayparty record?
Junkthrashing is fun
Old Art is Better

Question 7:What was the first record with The Bad Seeds?
Mutiny in Heaven
Kicking Against the Pricks
From Her to Eternity
Henry`s Morbid Aunt`s Favorite Recordings
The First Born is Dead

Question 8:On this record he covered "In the Ghetto"(Elvis). Who was the other artist he covered?
Van Morrisson
Tom Waits
Leonard Cohen

Question 9:What does Blixa Bargeld play in The Bad Seeds?
Lead Guitar
Chord Guitar
Bass Guitar

Question 10:For which Berlin band does he sing and write most of the lyrics?
Das Ich
Einstürzende Neubauten
Liebes Lieder

Question 11:Who, apart from Nick Cave, have played in all his bands?
Blixa Bargeld
Tacy Pew
Mick Harvey
Warran Ellis

Question 12:What is Nick Caves middle name?

Question 13:What book, according to Cave himself, is the song "Mercy Seat" based on/influenced by?
War and Peace
Also Sprach Zaratustra (Nictzsche)
George Bush Autobiography: The art of Frying People.
Crime and Punishment

Question 14:Which pop stars did Cave Do duets with on Murder Ballads?
P. J. Harvey and Madonna
Kylie Minogue and Anita Lane
P. J. Harvey and Kylie Minogue
Björk and Creed (Arms and Hearts Wide Open)

Question 15:Are you truly a Cave fan?
Hell Yeah!!!!!
Why don`t you decide?

This Quiz has been designed by Mattias Bizzozero.