Are you obsessed with Geddy Lee?
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Are you obsessed with Geddy Lee?

Take this test to find out if you are obsessed with Geddy Lee! I think he's you?

Question 1:When you hear Geddy Lee sing what do you think about his voice?
Oh my Ged, sooo sexy!
Is that really a guy?
ACK! What an annoying high pitched witch scream!
He's alright but I'd rather hear Bono.
God, he has a great voice!

Question 2:When you listen to Geddy play bass what do you think?
I guess he's good but I am just not a Rush fan.
He's the worlds best bass player!
I can play better!
Ohhh! That's positively erotic...Nobody can play bass and make it sound SO sexy like the Ged!
I don't pay much attention to bass parts.

Question 3:Who's your favorite member of Rush?
Geddy of course!
Neil Peart or Alex
The driers on stage
They're all awesome!
I hate Rush!

Question 4:When you go to Rush concerts where do you sit?
I don't go to Rush concerts.
On Geddys side as close as I can get!
In the middle up front!
On Alex's side
Anywhere as long as I am there.

Question 5:When you see a picture of the Ged what do you think?
WOA BABY! He's HOT! (stares at pic and drools)
Cool a Rush pic!
I need a poster of that!
Ewww I hate that ugly guy

Question 6:What about his hair now?
Too long!
Who gives a shit!
Oh let me get lost in it!
I liked his mullet better!

Question 7:You're at the concert and its getting hot (woa baby!)....
WOOOhoooo! Play Driven or Cygnus X-1!!!!!
Drum solo, drum solo!!!!
Why would I bear the heat to see Rush when I could stay home and listen to my radio?
I hope Geddy takes off his shirt!
Is it over yet?

Question 8:Would you like to be his bass?
Don't be silly!
Ummm NO WAY!
No but I wish he would teach me to play bass!

Question 9:If you met Geddy what would you do?
Ask for his autograph and take a pic.
Leave him alone...realizing he can't pretend a stranger is a long awaited friend.
Ewww...that Rush guy!

Question 10:Do you fantasize about Geddy?
He's a great bass player but get a grip!
I do about all of Rush!
Oh yeah, naughty naughty things!
Ewww! No way!

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