How well do you know Goths?
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How well do you know Goths?

Are you familiar with the ways of goths? Or are you just prejudice? Maybe you believe everything about them that you hear? Maybe you're a SCALLY???

Question 1:Easiest first: what colour do goths wear MOSTLY?
White- it's pure and fresh.
Red- like blood.
Dark purple- dark and mysterious.
Black- it's dark and slimming.
Pink- only pink. Pink. PINK!!!

Question 2:What kind of neckwear are they most likely to be seen in?
Black scarves.
Cross necklace, spiky chain, dog collar etc.
Toilet chains hanging down to their knees.
Deadly and poisonous spikes.

Question 3:Who do they despise (purely because of the pain they put us through!!!) most of all?
Everyone but the devil.
Punks and moshers.
Bimbos and scallies....*shudder*
Townies galore!!!

Question 4:Who do they worship?
God- if not, chocolate, TV, stereo systems...
Witches and demons.
The night- they're like vampires.
Anything black or evil.

Question 5:Describe the basic make up.
Blood on their lips, charcoal on their eyes- weirdos.
Black!!! All black!!! Nothing BUT BLACK!!!
Pale and pastel colours.
Murky greens and browns.
Black/red/purple lipstick, pale face, murky eyeshadows, heavy eyeliner. Sometimes silver stuff.

Question 6:Are you a goth?
I want to be.
Yeah, what's wrong with that?
Ewwwwww, no WAY.
I'm a teenager.
A wha'?

Question 7:How should you treat a goth who's staring at you?
Do nothing. Just smile at them. Maybe go over and tell them to stop if you're a bit disturbed.
Point and shout "FRRREEEEEEAAAAAAKKKK!!!!!!"
Run away!
Stare back, of course!
Cause a scene and call the police.

Question 8:How would a goth describe a girl who's a cheerleader, has blond hair and goes on about clothes make up and boys?
Bimbo or "nuh"
A christian.
Slapper, prostitute or s***.

Question 9:Situation: a group of goths are approaching you. You are alone and stand no chance if they start a fight. What do you do?
Ask them when they're gonna burn down the church.
Tell them to F*** OFF!
Stare at them and back off.
Say "hi" in a friendly way and walk past. They're just normal people.
Hide behind a bush.

Question 10:You go into a bar and oh screw it.
This answer. <: /
This answer. : D
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