Are You A Not By Choice Fan?
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Are You A Not By Choice Fan?

Do You Really Know Who Not By Choice is? If you Think so, take this quiz.

Question 1:What Are Their Names?(Its Quite Obvious!)
Pierre Bouvier, Seb Levbvre, David Desrosiers, Chuck Comeau, Jeff Stinco
Deryck Whibley, Steve Jocz, Dave Baksh, Cone McCaslin
Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, Ryan"Nik"Viekdal
Mike Bilcox, Liam Killeen, Glenn "Chico" Dunning, Aj Bovaird
Ian Grushka, Cyrus Bolooki, Jordan Pundik, Chad Gilbert, Steve Klein

Question 2:What Video Do They Guest Star In?
I'd Do Anything
How U Remind Me
Makes No Difference
What's My Age Again
They Didn't

Question 3:What Is The Debut C.D. Titled?
Standing All Alone
Maybe One Day
Anti Avril
Not By Choice

Question 4:When Did Mike First Start Playing Guitar?
When He Was 14
When He Was 18
When He Was 11
When He Was 16
When He Was 15

Question 5:What's Liam's Favourite Not By Choice Song?
Now That You Are Leaving
Wish Upon A Star
Same As You
The Way It Used To be

Question 6:What Is The Order They're Standing In On The Cover?
Liam, Mike, Aj, Chico
Chico, Liam, Aj, Mike
Mike, Aj, Chico, Liam
Aj, Chico, Mike, Liam
Aj, Liam, Chico, Mike

Question 7:What High School Did They Attend?
Exeter High School
River East Collegiate
Miles MacDonnell
Tec Voc High School
Ajax High School

Question 8:Where Was Chico's Birthplace?

Question 9:Where Is The Band From?

Question 10:Can You Finish This Lyric??:Cuz I Feel So Good Inside/Then I Want To Run Away/I Don't Know What It Is/_______________________________/___________/
That Makes Me Love You More And More/Must Be Your Face/
You Went Away, You're Never Coming Back/Tomorrow's Come And Gone Today/
And They Look On/Yeah They Don't Even Know Your Name/
I See You Every Single Day, But You Don't Know/The Way I Feel I Feel About You/
Attention Is What I/Is What I'm Needing From You/Even Though You're Miles Away/

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