Are you a devoted TJT fan?
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Are you a devoted TJT fan?

This is for all of you Juliana Theory fans- and for those of you who have no clue who they (The Juliana Theory) are, then I suggest not taking this quiz.

Question 1:What is the name of the member of TJT who is the main singer and who writes basically all of their songs?
Samuel Thorste
Josh Fiedler
Brett Detar

Question 2:Approximately how long is "You always say goodnight, goodnight"?
7 1/2 minutes
9 1/2 minutes
4 1/2 minutes

Question 3:What's TJT's latest album titled?

Question 4:The lyrics "Why can't we talk this way? We always speak when you're so far away and I'm sitting right here..." are from which of their songs?
Blue Tides
If I told you this was killing me, would you stop?
This is not a love song

Question 5:What category would TJT fall under?
None, they're unique and wonderful!

Question 6:The lyrics "Silence is a secret, a weapon in disguise, listen to the silence open up your eyes" are from which song?
Understand The Dream Is Over
Getting Across To Home
In Conversation

Question 7:The lyrics "Here's a thought if you're willing to listen, I only tell the truth of the feelings I'm given"
Into The Dark
Don't Push Love Away
Hesitation of Lies

Question 8:Who have TJT recently began to tour with?
Something Corporate
The Starting Line
Linkin Park

Question 9:Which of the following is your favourite colour?
Something else

Question 10:Do you enjoy The Cardigans?
Absolutely not. They suck!
I certainly do! They rock!
The Card- what now? Huh...?

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